At the beginning of January I began to brainstorm the brand and visual identity of my shop Mooni's Sketchbook, a shop catered to selling K-Pop themed stickers and stationery.

The brand identity was influenced by the song 1/6 by Sunmi who sings about being an astronaut as they only experience 1/6 the weight of things, even hardships. Therefore, I wanted my shop to serve as a safe space for K-Pop fans to surround themselves with cute items I've created.

The visual identity borrows inspiration from the song too, as the envelopes and packaging follow a space theme in a drawing style. Two patterns, blue and white, were made to be used.
At the end of Q2, the shop made 122 sales resulting in an above-average conversion rate of 3.5% from visits and 53 5-star reviews, detailing great customer service and quality products and packaging. Currently when searching "BTS concert stickers" 4 of my listings can be found on the first page.

As of July 15th, the shop has made 144 sales and maintains a 3.5% conversion rate with 57 5-star reviews.

At the end of Q2 on Instagram, 35.5K accounts were reached, marking an increase of 39.4% from Q1, with 93.8% of it being generated from Instagram reels. Impressions also increased from Q1 by 36.4%.
The Visual Identity
The goal for the visual identity was to be minimal, clean, and cute. Taking inspiration from Sunmi's song 1/6, branding is heavily focused on a space theme with vector drawn spaceships, rockets, planets, and stars.

To stay as consistent as possible across platforms, the color palette was limited to white and navy blue.

The pattern – which I refer to as "Starry Sky" – is present on packaging and on social media key art as a background.
The Products
With an over saturation of fan-made K-Pop merchandise it was imperative for me to find a specific niche to target. Expanding on my original intent to share my joy of K-Pop I settled on creating stickers celebrating K-Pop acts' tours.

Thus, the majority of my stickers are inspired by the concerts I've previously attended; in particular the BTS Permission to Dance On Stage concerts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The stickers I therefore create are a memorabilia piece for other fans to keep as a reminder of their experience at the concert.
The Packaging — The Envelope
When deciding on packaging I wanted the customer's excitement of receiving their purchase to be an interactive experience. Therefore, I forewent the more affordable craft envelopes and card backings to produce my own branded packaging in-house.

The envelopes use the pattern mentioned in the visual identity. To be visually diverse, envelopes are made in blue and white with the alternate colored pattern on the inside. On the back of the envelope the pattern is imposed on the flaps when folded so it can seemlessly connect when closed.
The Packaging — The Sticker Pocket
Using 60 lb card stock, a double-sided perforated pocket was made to hold the stickers. Rather than pulling a sticker out of a plastic sleeve, the customer pulls on the perforated panel to receive their stickers. This idea was inspired from advent calendars, where the excitment of receiving a prize is just as fulfilling as opening it.

While being a fun and interactive experience for the customer, it also serves as a safety precaution to prevent the stickers from bending/folding during transit.