Design a logo and high fidelity wireframe for the start-up app Plattr.

The logo and its versions must be flexible enough to be placed on a small screen.

The wireframe must be high-fidelity with semi-working functionality to present to investors.

Be somewhat similar to Tinder in terms of interface design.
Designed a standard and emblem logo which can be alternated depending on surface size.

Designed a high-fidelity wireframe for Plattr including the following screens: Log-In, Verification, Welcome, Matching Game, User Profile, Saved Restaurants, Filter, Error, and Restaurant Profile. The wireframe was also rigged to perform simple interactions such as navigating between screens and turning on/off switches/checkboxes.

Recorded the functionality of the prototype to demonstrate the capabilities of the app.
The Logo
The design of the logo was open to interpretation; with the only prompt being it has to relate to food/plates because of its name and purpose.

The final logo is made in the shape of a plate rolling on its side; giving it a distinct look from the five final rendered options.
The Screens
The screens were designed with simplicity in mind. I limited the options to five main screens for the prototype to give a visual to the idea of "Tinder for Food".

The color palette is minimal with two shades of orange, a gray, white, and a vectorized still of the city's landscape.
The Prototype
The prototype serves as an example of how the app works. In this example you see that the app will recommend the user options for food in the style of Tinder. Food swiped right will be saved for the user to peruse on their own time with filters added to meet their dietary needs.

Within the profile section there is an undeveloped setting to switch between "Restaurant Mode" and "Food Mode"; providing more options to the user to seek out meals that fit their dietary needs.