Yes Media
Rebrand Thalia Yes Media with a new brand identity, logo, and visual identity.

The brand identity must communicate "client satisfaction as the first priority".

The logo must incorporate the word "Yes" in some shape or form.

The visual identity must be clean and modern while having a jovial energy.

The new visual identity must easily translate to print collateral, a company website, and social media templates for brand consistency.
Remove the client's name and rebrand as Yes Media Agency to appear less self-serving.

Promote the business with the tagline "Made by You + Me" to communicate clients as their first priority and build rapport.

Implement neumorphic elements into the business' visual identity – such as smooth gradients, rounded 2.5D shapes, and white space.

Compile the new brand identity, logo, and visual identity into a style guide for easy reference.
The Logo
The client asked for a clean logo that communicates "unity" and "completion", as she wants her clients to be satisfied with their purchase.

The original name – Thalia Yes Media – was shortened to Yes Media to appear more client-focused. The logo reflects this change by only displaying the company's initials.

The Y+M look was inspired by mathematical equations; with the Y and M representing "you" and "me" respectively. Thus "You + Me" can achieve great feats.
The Tagline
The main tagline, like the logo, was similarly inspired by mathematical equations.

To carry on the theme of "unity" and a client-focused brand identity, "Made by You + Me" was pitched and accepted. I then incorporated the tagline into a YouTube trailer.

"You + Me" can be interchangeably used when needed.
The Visual Identity
The client asked for a visual identity that is modern and clean that can communicate a jovial energy; therefore a neumorphic-style was settled on.

Neumorphic elements such as soft gradients, rounded corners, and drop shadows are incorporated into the print collateral; especially the business cards.

The inspiration of mathematical equations found in the logo are present in the visual identity as a stylistic choice for subheadings.

Futura PT is used for the type as it is an easily accessible san-serif typeface that complements the visual identity.

A copy of the style guide can be found by clicking the link in the "Solution" section.
The Website
The neumorphic style is heavily incorporated into the website's design as well.

Containers, buttons, and images have rounded corners to mimic that of the style. Hover interactions trigger drop shadows to mimic 2.5D shapes.

The website is live at
The IG Content
I also designed 2 sets of 8 post templates (in blue and off-white) and Story Highlight Covers for the business' social media posting.

Templates adopt the neumorphic-style and were made to accommodate multiple forms of posting – such as singles, carousels, text-heavy, and image-heavy posts.

The posts are set to a 4:5 ratio to cover as much screen space when users scroll through their feeds.

Templates can be found on Instagram @kevinalejandrovaldez.